Hair Clogs!

Hair Clogs!

Hair Clogs:

Fact #1:  Hair falls out! And supposedly we lose over 100 hairs a day…with that said:

Fact #2: Most of that hair goes down a shower drain or sink drain.

Fact #3: It will clog the drain if not cleaned out daily, and most of us Do Not have time to clean it out daily.

Solution: When the drain is getting slow, Call Super Rooter!!! We actually have some really happy employees that don’t mind doing this nasty job. And they will be as neat as possible in a messy situation.Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.50.32 PM

It happens to all of us, but no one wants to stand in a tub of water or have a sink drain so slow that it stays dirty! YUCK

This is our profession, call us, we know BEST!