Super Rooter New York Drain Clearing Service
Super Rooter New York Drain Clearing Service


How RootX works

RootX is a simple, cost-effective and proven way to kill root damage to drains, storm pipes and septic systems (not for use in septic systems in the state of Florida).

RootX uses the aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil. It’s non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic, and it contains no diquat dibromide, copper sulfate or metam sodium. RootX is classified as a General Use product by the Environmental Protection Agency, and it’s registered for use in all 50 states (EPA registration #68464-1) as well as Canada. In addition, RootX carries the signal word CAUTION, the lowest chemical hazard rating according to the ISO 3864-2 standard for hazard severity panels.

Foaming RootX formula kills roots

The patented RootX formula foams on contact with water. The foam acts as a carrying agent, lifting the herbicide to the top of the pipe where 90 percent of pipeline roots grow. Degreasing agents strip away grease and grime so the active ingredient can penetrate the roots, killing the root tissue on contact. RootX promotes bacterial growth to speed the decay and natural removal of roots. The foam also leaves a thin layer of the RootX herbicide on the pipe walls to prevent re-growth.

Enhances mechanical root cutting

Mechanical root cutting is an immediate and short-term solution to relieving pipeline blockages caused by root intrusion. However, cutting roots is like pruning a tree; it stimulates even more vigorous and destructive root growth in the remaining roots. That means new root growth can fully clog your pipe again in just nine months.

Treating pipes with RootX not only kills all the roots on contact, it also leaves a thin layer of the herbicide on the pipe walls to prevent roots from coming back. New root growth after treatment with RootX is much slower and less destructive to the pipe.

If this is the first time you’re treating a customer’s line or if it is completely blocked, it makes sense to use mechanical cutting to remove the root mass and restore pipe flow right away. However, you can kill any remaining roots in the line and stunt re-growth longer by applying RootX immediately after mechanical cutting.

It’s important to apply RootX within the first hour after cutting or wait six to eight weeks. That’s because roots release a traumatic acid to cover the cut ends and protect them against further injury. If you apply RootX immediately after cutting, the herbicide can penetrate the root ends before the traumatic acid coating is complete. After six to eight weeks, the traumatic acid will have dissipated, leaving the most vulnerable part of the root—the white tender meristem growth where cells are actively dividing—exposed to the herbicide. The more root tissue you can treat with RootX, the better.

If there’s still flow in the line, you may be able to save time and eliminate root cutting altogether. Simply apply RootX to kill all the roots inside the pipe. The dead roots decay and are carried out with the natural flow, restoring your customer’s pipe to its full capacity. Once you’ve put your customers on a maintenance program with annual RootX treatments, you should be able to eliminate mechanical root cutting in most cases.


PRO-PUMP®/DGTT (Drain Line and Grease Trap Treatment) is a liquid high count culture consortium from Ecological Laboratories for in-facility application of commercial effluent drain lines and grease trap systems. It is pleasantly fragranced and goes to work on contact to degrade difficult line and trap deposits and control odorous reactions. Pro-Pump®/DGTT can be applied manually through drains or using a pump dosing system. Regular use of Pro-Pump®/DGTThelps eliminate odors, clean drain lines and benefits receiving wastewater systems.

PRO-PUMP®/HC liquid live bacteria from Ecological Laboratories are a proprietary blend of microorganisms selected for broad-spectrum application in industrial and wastewater treatment. It contains over 30 strains of bacteria to resolve the unique and difficult problems that occur in septic systems. Its exceptional performance results in the rapid breakdown and removal of fats, oils and greases that build up in septic tanks and absorption fields. Pro-Pump®/HC is unique in that it is a consortium of vegetative non-spore forming bacteria that exhibit exceptional performance in low oxygen facultative anaerobic environments. Regular treatment with PRO-PUMP®/HC reduces surface solids, bottom solids and odor, satisfying customers and making pump-outs more cost effective.

PRO-PUMP®/Super Bio-Remediation Kits from Ecological Laboratories are designed specifically to recover flow in fouled and ponding absorption fields. The products included in the kits are:

  • Pro-Pump®/HC (High Count) is a special mixture of select, live, vegetative bacteria that will break down and remove slow and difficult to degrade compounds.
  • Pro-Pump®/SA (Sludge Away) is a natural humus soil science product designed as a bio-stimulant to speed the bio-remediation process.
  • Pro-Pump®/OX (Powered Oxygenator) is a calcium peroxide/hydroxide mix used as an oxygen source for the bacteria.
  • The Pro-Pump®/Super Bio-Remediation Kit combines select cultures with enhancement technology that rapidly breaks down and degrades the organic compounds that reduce absorption flow recovery.