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One of the Most Annoying Problems is a clogged drain.

It’s unfortunate that most people only think about drain cleaning when it’s too late! We should all probably think about it as they start to slow, once that happens your drain could be well on it’s way to being clogged and then drain clearing services will be needed. Shower and tub drains get clogged with soap build up and hair. We all know how easily toilets can get clogged with paper, etc. Don’t wait for that major drain clog, call My Superrooter right away we will take care of you immediately!

Our Services

drain clearing & cleaning services new york 24 hour

Drain Clearing & Cleaning

Most people don’t think about drain cleaning until they have to! When you have a clogged toilet or blockage, you can count on Super Rooter for your drain clearing needs. We have knowledgeable, courteous clean technicians that will use a machine called a snake to clear the problem.

drain video inspection services new york 24 hour

Video Inspection

After a clog or blockage is cleared, and our technicians removed roots we always recommend a video/camera inspection. The camera never lies! You can stand next to the technician as he puts the camera through the line and shows you exactly what is going on.

hydro jet and scrubbing services new york 24 hour

Hydro Jetting

This service is mainly used for commercial buildings, such as condo’s, apartments, office buildings and from man hole to man hole. No matter what kind of sewer needs you have, they will be met with the best professionals in the industry.

Fun Drain Facts

Kids Toys

We have found toys causing a blockage. Sometimes with the trap of the toilet, this could mean a replacement is needed if not able to clear. We will always be honest and up front!


Diagnosis is so IMPORTANT! When you have a knowledgeable technician that can diagnose the problem, it saves time and money for everyone.

Smells & Oders

Sometimes there is a sewer odor…where is it from? We can detect that by a smoke test or checking your roof vent. Knowledge is Power.

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